Order organic master class as team building
Following organic architecture principles, clay modeling helps to understand and map the processes, it brings people together and improves communication at work.
We create individual office design expressed through comfort of people navigation to enrich quality of life, work and wellness.
How Smart move works?
Auditing is needed to create the ideal structure of the office, based on the business model. We use the Canvas Business Model to define the core value of your office and work-in-progress process.

Location selection
A smaller office can be more efficient than a larger one. The ideal structure of the office helps to speed up the search, because it prompts most optimal placement of different departments in the office.

New space organization
At this stage, we make quick drawings - sketches. Visualization suggests where and how to place existing furniture and equipment in new location.

Design in organic way

render culture of your company through space functionality and comfort of employees
Architecture surrounds us everywhere: at home, on the streets and at work. It affects us via emotions, space and symbols at an unconscious level. As a rule, companies rent their offices in buildings where design is already set-up, however such design might not fully serve the companies' goals.

Have you ever questioned the way people move in the office during the working day? Do departments face challenges to collaborate? Real root cause might be the obstacles which a readymade design brings into our daily life.

It is vital to create design from the processes in the company and not from the walls. Each element of the contemporary office area should be functional to add value and facilitate the processes. How to make your office space more functional? A brand-new design could be an option; still, there is no guarantee to achieve best results if you set a design change task to a designer only.

What are the requirements for staff interaction and mobility within the office to optimize processes in your company? How to bring more comfort to day-to-day working hours and even breaks? Employees struggle to clearly define what they really require to be more efficient in the office because those needs are revealed in the unconscious level. The most natural way to understand the root causes and to visualize your company and employees' needs is through creativity.

We developed a master class with clay modeling for company's staff. It has a functional approach in its core and it enables employees to scale office space correctly and to utilize it at best possible to collaborate more effectively. Following organic architecture and economical production principles, clay modeling helps to understand and map the processes, it brings people together and improves communication at work. Such approach works well in case of complete re-design and with minor design changes.
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Glib Usakovskyi
Senior Architect
Glib is a founder of a flow based method of design, which is a turning point in the development of modern architecture.

Sergiy Gvozdiov
Expert in business organization
Sergey procures your company processes are built up from idea to realization in the optimal way.

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